How to find a profitable niche for Affiliate Marketing in 3 steps

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How to find a profitable niche for Affiliate Marketing in 3 steps

One of the most common questions is: “What is the best way to earn money as an affiliate marketer?“ This question is usually followed by “What is the best niche for earning as an affiliate?“

Unfortunately – or maybe fortunately – there is no blanket answer to these questions. The explanation is quite simple: Virtually every niche that has a lot of customers and high-quality affiliate products can be profitable in the long run – provided that you approach your affiliate marketing activities intelligently, systematically and like any other business.

This means that classifying different niches can help you to identify your interests and strengths. After all, it’s your job to make your niche choice as profitable as possible.

In this article, we will describe an approach to selecting profitable niches that has allowed me to generate a good online income – an approach that requires the opposite of what most gurus recommend. In our opinion, it is still the best way to build a profitable online business in the long term. 

What is an Affiliate Marketing Niche?

If you have been looking at affiliate marketing recently and perhaps researching the topic, I’m sure you’ve stumbled across the following statement many times: You need to pick a niche.

But what is a niche – or more importantly: What is an Affiliate Marketing niche?

A niche can be defined in many ways. The simplest way to explain the term is as follows: A niche is just a group of people looking for something (online).

Everyone is part of hundreds of different online niches – and so are you. Whatever you’re online looking for, whether it’s about blogging tips or a new kettle for your little home office, you are part of all these niches.

So, if you’re thinking about choosing a niche, think of the “people who are online looking for something.“

All this talk of “niches“ should now obviously help you to get better results with your affiliate marketing campaigns. So, let’s take a look now, how and why choosing a particular niche (within a selected industry) is critical to your earnings from online affiliate marketing.

Find a profitable niche market in 3 easy steps

Let’s explore together how to find your niche market in three easy steps.

Step 1: Take a closer look at your interests and problems

In this way you will quickly find a niche that is profitable. As I mentioned earlier, you should choose a niche that is interesting for you for which you have the required knowledge. So, grab a notepad and a pen (or open a Word document) and write down all your hobbies and interests to start this list. On another list, write down all the problems you have regarding life, health, finances or love, as well as in your everyday life. Then on a third list, write down all the things that you would like to know more about, or that you think you might enjoy. Even if you invest only five minutes of your time in producing such lists, a huge list of great ideas for niches can be the result. Now you should have three lists full of ideas.

Step 2: Think like a true marketing expert for one day

You may be amazed how many niche ideas come to mind in a single day, just by looking at everything from a marketing perspective. Take your notepad and pen with you (or just use your smartphone) and take notes on everything you do during the day:

  • Conversations with others.
  • Things that you have heard in the news.
  • What you saw on TV.
  • What you read in the newspaper or in magazines.
  • Problems you are facing.
  • Things that you see.
  • Products that you use.
  • Things that make you and the people around you happy or sad.
  • Activities that you make.
  • Places you visit.
  • Thinks about all those things one after each other.

Then you should ask yourself the following questions for each of these points:

  • Are these things that people besides you are interested in?
  • Do other people spend money for these activities?
  • Are there any issues where people are looking for a solution?
  • Are they things that make people happy?
  • Write down your findings so you do not forget them.

If at least one, all, or some of these answers is/are yes, you have identified potential niche ideas. At the end of the day you have a whole list of potential niche ideas.

Step 3: Examine current trends & markets through these websites

Google Trends
Google Trends will show you the most popular online searches of the day / month / year so you can find out more about some of the most popular search trends and niches.

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll down on the page to the “Stories Trending Now“ feature.
  3. Alternatively, you can also click on “All Categories“ in the upper area and choose a category.
  4. The “Science/ Tech“ category may well point you to new products and technology trends that are mostly very profitable.
  5. Look into all the different categories, considering ideas that you are interested in or where you know that people are spending money for it.
  6. Or use the feature to see trends from all niches.
  7. Or use the feature.

Write down any ideas that come into your mind during this research. Of all that you are interested in or willing to spend money on, it is worth taking notice.

Google News
Google News can be a great place to find product launch information about new products for which you can create websites or from which you can get new niche ideas.

  1. Go to Google News.
  2. In the drop-down box below the search bar, select which country you want to search for.
  3. You can select a category such as “Technology“ on the left side if you are particularly interested.
  4. You will immediately see the top news from this category, which you can then use to find new topic ideas. However, it is the next step that really takes you one important step further.
  5. Enter the term “release date“ in the search box and then start searching.
  6. Alternatively, you can also use “announced“ instead of “release date“ for your search.
  7. That way you will find information about upcoming products, shows, events, sport events, movies and more.
  8. This can help you discover products of the future that will later become a big hit.

This search can reveal some promising niches and product ideas. For the tech and gadget niche, this approach has been proven as very useful.

Google Suggest
Let’s say you have a basic niche idea, you want for example to specialize in the topic “weight loss for men“. Unfortunately you don’t know how to narrow this niche. Then Google Suggest will help you. Just go to and enter “weight loss for men“ without pressing ”Enter“.
Then take a look at the suggestions Google is making. Even if you have just a few vague ideas about a particular market or topic you’re interested in, enter them and see what Google tells you. Not every idea that Google spits out is perfect. But if only one of these ideas seems a bit interesting, you should make a note of it. Below we will show you a less-known Google hack that can lead to some interesting results:

Tip: You don’t need to spend a lot of time using Google Suggest. Rather, you can simply use online services like this one:

Google Wildcard Search
Only a few regular search engines users know the Google Wildcard feature. Go to Google and enter your niche idea, such as “how to earn money“ and then “*“ (i.e. ”how to earn money *“). Google will now show you a random selection of “how to earn money“ results plus a keyword instead of ”*“ in addition. This may produce results that you would never think of, and you may find a fitting niche thanks to this method. These are therefore potential sub-niches.

Stumbleupon allows users to find websites based on their interests. This is how the process of searching for niche ideas works:

  • Go to
  • Click on “popular”.
  • You will be presented with a list of various interests that may include such far-reaching topics like action movies, astronomy or the art of crocheting.

Alternatively, you can also access a curated list:

  • Click on “most popular“.
  • Each category represents a different topic that you can click on.
  • If you click on one of them, you will see a number of subtopics or sub-niches.
  • Each topic is a possible niche. Just think about whether this is something people spend money on or not.

Twitter Trending
Logging into Twitter and checking what is “trending“ on the left side of the page (we mean the whole # hashtag stuff) could bring to light some hot new trends.

eBay Popular
eBay Popular shows popular products in a variety of categories. This will let you see which products sell well and also give you some ideas for wider niches.

How to use this feature:

  • Go to
  • The website will automatically show the “best selling products“ for all categories and update itself every minute!
  • The website tells you how many items of each product were sold.
  • Think about what each product is and what niche this product belongs to.
  • You can also select a category of your interest from the drop-down menu at the top right corner of the page.


We’ve told you how to find a niche for affiliate marketing. So, just do it and you will succeed. However, keep in mind that people who are looking for their first niche often think that they need to find a niche that nobody else knows, or at least a niche where they do not have to compete with other marketers. That’s really not the case. There are no unknown or new niches. They are just new to you and someone else always knows about these niches!
And if you really find a brand-new niche, there will be little demand, only a few products that you can promote, and no place where you can meet your target audience. Even an experienced marketer will struggle with such a niche - let alone a beginner.

In order to avoid mistakes and not to spend your time and investment for nothing for such a project, we need to focus your attention on the so-called Evergreen niches, niches that never go out of style. What are Evergreen niches? These are niches that will never lose their relevance and will always bring you a guaranteed profit. Now let’s talk about this topic.

Evergreen niches: Profitable niches that never go out of style 
Fads will come and go, but the following four niches will be popular eternally. Because as a consumer, we will always need information in those areas and we would like to receive it: 

  • Love: Online dating, finding the right partner, marriage counselling and reconciliation, etc.
  • Health and fitness: diet and weight loss; healthy eating; stop smoking; group fitness for women, etc.
  • Wealth and money: Forex (the most profitable niche), multi-level marketing, real estate, jobs / careers, credit services, making money online, etc.
  • Hobbies and activities for which people spend a lot of money.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these points:

1. Health niches

Many niches in the field of health never lose popularity, as people are always on the lookout for the next best ideas to get rid of fat, for the topic of health improvement, etc.

Here are some more examples:

  • Increase of testosterone
  • Joint pain
  • Diabetic recipes
  • Nootropics
  • Removal of cellulite
  • Diet and weight loss
  • Healthy food
  • Stop smoking
  • Group fitness for women

Reasons why you should enter a health niche

  • The products and information can cost up to hundreds of euros – and some even thousands and more (such as treadmills and various fitness equipment).
  • This is a market that includes many niches full of passionate people who put their health first, so you can be sure that these are generous customers.
  • Many health niches are permanently important, meaning that consumers will make new purchases over and over again.

2. Niches about love and romantic

Obviously, this is about topics like online dating, flirting with the opposite sex to attract attention, finding a quickie, finding a man/woman for life, regaining the ex and much more.

Millions of people have already tried online dating, so the huge demand cannot be denied.

Here are some more examples:

  • Dating for seniors
  • Dating for divorced men / women over 40
  • LGBT dating
  • Marriage for young couples with a limited budget
  • How to poach women for beginners
  • Online dating for businessmen over 40

Reasons why you should enter different love niches

  • Many people are passionate about finding a partner, so they are constantly willing to spend money to learn the skills they need for it.
  • Dating never goes out of fashion and is always interesting. All you have to do is to choose a demographic audience and address them with targeted marketing.
  • Many other websites are active in this area. Thus, you can fully network with influencers or gain some traffic.

3. Niches about wealth and money

The topic of wealth covers internet marketing, forex, gambling, lottery, jobs and careers, affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, opportunities for new business and much more. This is a very profitable niche. The gambling industry alone is worth over 35.5 billion dollars, according to StatisticsBrain. And the undisputed leader is Forex. The forex industry alone is trading over 5.1 trillion dollars per day. From these numbers, it’s clear that forex is the most profitable niche of all.
So, are you beginning to realize how lucrative some of these niches can really be?

Just take a closer look at these niche ideas:

  • Forex & Trading
  • Internet marketing for beginners
  • Affiliate marketing for hard-working people over 40
  • How can you make money with a blog as a beginner?
  • Online Poker

Why you should enter the niches about money and wealth

  • Many wealth niches require people spending money and products/information can cost anything from a few euros to hundreds and even thousands of euros.
  • People are always looking for ways to earn money. Since they will not stop looking for such opportunities, it means that your success as a marketer is almost guaranteed.
  • Many of the wealth niches are expensive and constantly require new purchases, as people are obsessed with always having the most up-to-date and complete information.

4. Hobbies and activities 

Hobbies and activities are so incredibly profitable as they target those niches where customers are willing to spend a lot of money on their passion. If something makes someone happy or gives him a pleasure, these people will spend money for it again and again. Hobbies, sports, travel and other activities fit perfectly in this category.

Just think about expensive activities like these:

  • Golf
  • Sailing
  • Fishing 
  • Travelling
  • Hunting.

Why you should enter the niche “Hobbies and activities“

  • People are always buying new tools and equipment for their favourite hobby.
  • They need the right accessories; these people are ready to spend a lot of money on training and advice or things that promise them to improve their skills. 
  • As long as the hobby makes them happy, they will spend tons of money for it.

Together with you, we have examined many examples of different niches and now you have a better understanding of this topic. So, choose the niche that best suits your goals. But let’s reiterate that the big Evergreen niches about health, wealth and love never go out of fashion. We advise you to choose one of these niches for the following reasons:

People ALWAYS have problems they want to solve. Instead of working hard to solve their problems, they would rather buy a product and hope it makes the difference. People will never give up things that make them happy, so that hobbies and activities will always be important, and there will always be new equipment or accessories that promise people to be able to pursue their hobbies better and more easily. Forex is the number one niche, meaning the most profitable niche for affiliate marketing. If you want to earn big money, then this niche is a great choice for you.

Closing words
Thank you for taking the time to read this guide. 

Now you may be sitting at home thinking about how much you have to do now. 

Picking the right niche is the first step, even though by doing this you’ve already done one of the most important (and sometimes terrifying) tasks for all newcomers to the affiliate marketers.

If you want to experience the real freedom and excitement that comes with affiliate marketing, go ahead, don’t waste time and join the Libertex Affiliate program for free. Feel free to contact our online consultant, who will contact you after registration and will answer all your questions.
We thank you for your attention and wish you good luck on your way!

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