Referral contest


Dear Webmasters,

(contest is prolonged)

Take part in our new «Referral Contest» and win funds as prizes.

The rules of the contest are as follows:

For the period of 3 months, from the 19th of March, until the 19th of June, you’ll need to be publishing articles containing reviews or descriptions of our affiliate programme and mention it in them, through no less than 3 referral links to the website of the affiliate programme.

Prize fund

$500 – 1st place

$300 – 2nd place

$200 – 3d place

$100 – 4th place

$100 – 5th place

Any affiliate is eligible to take part in the Contest. The one who publishes the most reviews, during the period of the contest (from the 19th of March, until the 19th of May) shall be proclaimed the winner. It is permitted to publish articles on dedicated thematic websites, in blogs, public accounts and groups in social networks. A week before the end of the Contest (from the 11th to the 19th of May included), please send URLs of the sources where the article with the review was published. The information is accepted via a ticketing system or e-mail with the note «Referral Contest». Those articles that were placed on your resources and remain for over a month shall be counted.

Good luck!