How much will I be able to get? How is the profit calculated?

Affiliate can choose between two types of payment plans:

CPA - you get fixed commission for every verified and qualified trader* who trades with real money and was registered via web terminal within the last 12 months.

Revenue Share – an affiliate gets up to 60% of broker’s GR during a lifetime

Referral program: – you get 5% of each your referral’s earnings

More info about our payment plans you can find here.

Do I get commission from bonuses?

No, you don’t get commission for trading with bonus funds.

What is “qualified trader condition”?

*Qualified Trader: is person who has been registered via web terminal and whose net deposits (which is all deposited money minus all withdrawn) amounted at least US$50; who started trading and generated at least US$80 of GR for the company.

How to calculate Gross Revenue?

Gross Revenue is spread revenue generated by your referred traders who was registered via web without any Bonuses or chargebacks.

What is spread revenue ?

Spread revenue is value of spread in money (USD) calculated according to the formula: trading volume (when closing a trade; including partial closings and reversals) multiplied by spread cost in USD.

Can I see how much the trader deposited?

We can not disclose the information regarding deposit amounts due to our Privacy Policy


How I can get my payout?

Payouts are made once a month (during the first 7 working days from the beginning of the month). $50 is the minimum you must have in your account before we send your payment.

Can I receive early payout ?

At the moment all payouts are made only at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, we have no possibility to pay early individually.

How I can change payment details?

If you want to change your payment details please go to "Finance" - "Payment details".

If I choose CPA model, can I switch to Revshare model ?

Unfortunately, our platform does not allow to switch from one payment model to another.

What payment methods do you use ?

At the moment we use QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, UnionPay, Skrill, Paypal

Promo materials

Where I can find promo materials and get my tracking link?

Go to the "Promo" section https://gyazo.com/7b4a6faa55a4008f5e725f3830bf6dee

In this section you will find promo materials for attracting clients and referrals. In order to get your affiliate URL simply click on the "Get media code" https://gyazo.com/1cf52d48944853ea61e89f25f45da56c


How often do statistic reports refresh?

Impressions, clicks, hits and signups are updated in real time (sometimes with delays of 5- 10 minutes). Deposits details, qualified trader conditions, fraud, GR and all trader’s activity for the last 24 hours are updated once a day at UTC 12:40 from our server.

How can I track conversions from different sources ?

If you want to track your conversions from different traffic sources you can use subaccounts. Please go to “Promo” section and select "Create subaccount". Please note: sometimes you have to wait for a few minutes for the settings to be applied and subaccount you created to appear.

How to track {site id} by using token from traffic brokers and teaser-ads networks?

Go to the "Promo section", choose "Landing", than go to the "Get media code" and in the "Custom id" field put token from traffic broker for ex. {site id} https://gyazo.com/a6e4f0d8b066b2b808aa8106482c2603

Please note, decoder will generate your affiliate URL like this http://record.fxclubaffiliates.com/_aMOt-RH8u6OhWoqmOk2VLGNd7ZgqdRLk/2/?payload=%7Bsite%20id%7D for correct data feed you must change token manually, for ex. http://record.fxclubaffiliates.com/_aMOt-RH8u6OhWoqmOk2VLGNd7ZgqdRLk/2/?payload={site id}

"Custom id" statistic you can view in the "Statistic" section, "Customer activity" report, "Group by customer detail": "Custom id"


There are a lot of signups and deposits in the statistics section but there is zero in the “qualified trader” column. Can you please advise why?

It means that a trader didn't meet one of the qualified trader conditions (please, see “Qualified trader” conditions above).

What kind of registration are counted in the "Total customers' and "Signups" column?

The above stated columns display all clients that open both demo and real account.

Why do numbers in "Total customers" and "Signups" columns of the "Dashboard" section differ?


Please note, that "Total customers" column display total signups for the whole period and "Signups" column display signups for the current month only


What countries do you accept?

We accept all GEO's except UK/US/Australia/New Zeland/Poland/Belgium

Do you accept doorway traffic?

Yes, we accept doorway traffic. As a rule it has high conversion rate.

What is forbidden? What kind of traffic you don’t accept?
  • Any kind of spam as well as traffic from hacked resources are forbidden;
  • Opening trading and affiliate accounts using one IP through your own affiliate links is forbidden;
  • Opening trading accounts yourself via your own affiliate links is forbidden;
  • Publishing false information in order to attract more clients and deceive them is forbidden;
  • Any kind of context ads is forbidden;
  • Announce false information on a purpose to attract more clients and making deception is forbidden;
  • Full list of the forbidden traffic sources you can find in our Terms and Conditions. In case of rules violation, your account will be blocked and you will not receive any payout.

Other questions

How to change interface language?

If you want to change the language please go to "Profile" section and click "Edit account details", then you can change interface language under “Choose your language”. Please note, for the correct display of the chosen language you should clear cache in your browser