Enjoy the game with Libertex Affiliates’

1. General

1.1. ‘Enjoy the game with Libertex Affiliates’ promotion action (hereinafter, Action) is organized by Forex Club International Limited, registered at the Financial Services Centre, P.O. Box 1823, Stoney Ground, Kingstown, VC0100, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, registration number 1529 CTD 2014, acting under name – LIBERTEX (hereinafter referred to as LIBETEX, the Company, Action Organizer, Organizer)

1.2. A full list of the Company Partners and their respective addresses is located at www.libertex.com. The Company Partners are informational partners of the Company with respect to the Action.

1.3. The Action shall be held from 00:00 on September 1, 2017, GMT + 3 (Action commencement time) to 23:59 on September 5, 2017, GMT + 3 (Action closing time).

1.4. The full details of the Action terms and conditions shall be disclosed by the Organizer at https://www.libertex-affiliates.com .

1.5. The prize fund of this Action shall be furnished solely by the Organizer. The prize fund of this Action shall not be constituted by proceeds from ticket sales or otherwise involve funds of the Action Participants.


2. Participation in the Action

2.1. The affiliate who brings 15 first-time-depositors shall receive 1 voucher. The affiliate can accumulate unlimited amount of vouchers.

2.2. Opening trading accounts yourself via your own affiliate links is forbidden. Such new clients shall not be consider as a new customer and shall not be included on the total sum of clients.


3. Determining the Winner

3.1. The winner of the Action shall be determined no later than within three (3) business days after the Action closing time.

3.2. One (1) voucher shall be selected at the draft day.

3.2.1. The Action shall have one (1) winner.

3.2.2. The winner of the Action shall be determined by a random selection among the affiliate account numbers of the Action Participants. The random selection procedure shall be conducted by www.random.org as a live event. A video of the draft shall be available on the Company website.

3.2.3. Eligibility of an Action Participant affiliate`s account number to the draft shall be subject to 2.1 of these Rules and the below conditions: - no amounts that entitled the Participant to the Action were withdrawn from the Participant’s account during the time of the Action.

3.3. The results of the draft and the winning account number of the Participant shall be published on the Company website. The Winner of the Action shall be notified by an e-mail message that shall be sent to the electronic address provided by the Participant at the time of opening an account on the Company website.

3.4. Any client marked as fraud shall be deducted from the affiliate’s list of new customers.

3.5. New clients under the affiliate`s name shall not be consider as a new customer and shall not be included on the total sum of clients.


4. Prizes Terms and Conditions

4.1. The Prize is 2 tickets flight from their home country to Spain – Madrid and return tickets as well, 2 tickets for Real Madrid match and 1 room for 3 nights for 2 people at a 4 or 5 starts hotel.

4.2. The winner shall opt to receive the equivalent of the prize in real money. In this case, the company shall be transfer to the PayPal account.

4.3. All taxes and duties related to the prize shall be the responsibility of the Winner.

4.4. A representative of the Action Organizer shall contact the winners at the addresses provided at the time of registration on the Company Affiliate website within five (5) business days of the date of determining the Winners of the Action.


5. Closing Provisions

5.1. The Action Organizer may amend these Action Rules without a prior notification of the Participants.

5.2. The Action Organizer may disqualify the Action Participants without providing reasons.

5.3. The Action Organizer may terminate the Action without cause.

5.4. The Action Organizer may alter Action prizes without a prior notification of the Participants.

5.5. The Company Affiliate Services Department shall not consider claims related to the participation in the Action.

5.6. In the event of any disagreement, the Organizer of the Action and the Participants of the Action shall make every effort to resolve the dispute in the course of negotiations. All disputes impossible to resolve by negotiating shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Action Organizer’s country of registration.

5.7. All terms and definitions used in these Rules shall be interpreted as determined in the contract of services provided in international financial markets of the Action Organizer.