You help them trade, we help you earn more!


Are you a Forex introducing broker?

Welcome to the best Forex IB partnership program. Sorry, not the best, but the greatest Forex IB partnership program ever! Client after client, you will accumulate rebate everytime trading occurs. And, with the Libertex platform, your clients get free trading signals to encourage them to do more trading… This means more rebate for the Forex introducing broker, in this case - you!

So if you want to be the best Forex IB, you need a partner that supports Forex IBs with the best conditions and terms.

Top traders choose our Libertex Affiliates IB partnership program for a number of reasons. The IB commission and the rebate you’ll get with our IB partnership program is among the best in the industry. As far as IB partnership programs go, this one will bring you even more than rebate, with top-notch IB commission guaranteed for a lifetime. It’s an IB partnership program with amazing IB commissions for Forex interactive brokers.

So let’s recap – if you are a Forex introducing broker looking for the best for both you and your clients – Libertex affiliates present you the the perfect IB partnership program.